From the ends of the earth to the rest of the earth.

The world has been transformed, toppled and turned by mere humans who have been provoked to bring change, taken on uncharted waters, found themselves on land or positions completely foreign to them, exhibiting a mapping of where they want to go…and they went for it!

This my friends is what we call a Voyager.

Event Date 12:00am, 28 June 2020
Event End Date 12:00am, 3 July 2020
Registrations Close 11:55pm, 1 May 2020
Location The Pearl Resort







Movies offer us the gamut of human existence and emotion: the highest highs and the lowest lows. Those flickers of light on screens in the dark stand as rich objects of deep contemplation, for if we aren’t contemplating our existence what is the point of life?

At Reel Dialogue, we are going to watch 'Just Mercy' (see Below), have a discussion led by esteemed panellists (see below) and have a dinner discussion with new friends. 

Event Date 4:00pm, 27 February 2020
Event End Date 7:00pm, 27 February 2020
Registrations Close 1:00pm, 27 February 2020
Location Dendy Newtown

breakthrough2020 minimum

Event Date 3:00pm, 20 March 2020
Event End Date 2:00pm, 22 March 2020
Registrations Close 1:00am, 3 March 2020
Location Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre


Connect Camp is the first camp of the year for Victorian students.

Event Date 5:00pm, 3 April 2020
Event End Date 11:00am, 5 April 2020
Registrations Close 12:00am, 25 March 2020
Price 170.00
Location Oasis Christian Camp

Join us for a night of hearing about our vision and stories from campus, with an opportunity to give financially and sow into all that God is doing at the University of Sydney and Notre Dame and beyond.

Event Date 6:30pm, 23 May 2020
Event End Date 9:00pm, 23 May 2020
Registrations Close 11:00pm, 6 May 2020
Price 20.00
Location St Barnabas' Anglican Church, Broadway

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