Date: 2:00pm, 5 July 2021 - 11:00am, 9 July 2021

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Get pumped for Winter Conference, the BIGGEST event in our Power to Change annual calendar for WA!


Winter Conference gathers uni students and young adults like you into a unique environment crafted to help you move toward God, toward others and toward a life well-lived.


This year, our theme is REDEFINING SUCCESS - we seek success in our career, family, relationship and spiritual lives, but 'success' is elusive, fleeting and addctive. We reach a high only to want more with the next upgade, promotion or achievement. Our pursuit of success often leaves us feeling disappointed, restless, inadequate, afraid, empty and craving for more. Jesus said 'what good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?' (Mark 8:36).


We need life goals that don't harm ourselves, others, society and the planet. It's time to redefine success according to Jesus and his gospel.


Meet the Speaker


Dr Omar Djoeandy has spent decades exploring success and what it means for him and for people from all works of life, from the slumbs of Nairobi to the elite world of being a medical doctor. His work as a family doctor, church minister, CEO and entrepreneur based in Australia and Kenya also took him to 21 countries. His observations and experiences alerted him to harmful definitions of success. He connected with the real Jesus and discvered Jesus' definition of success which promises to enrich our lives and the people around us.


What we'll get up to

We get to come together and worship God through music a couple times a day and even have a night of Praise and Worship led by our worship band!

Quiet Time:
While we want everyone to gather together to learn from the Bible, we also want you to get time alone to read the Bible, talk to God, and process anything you may be learning.

In the evenings there will be time to play games, have a chat, do crafts, and have fun with the new people you are meeting!

We get to hear and learn from our main speaker, Dr Omar Djoeandy.

There will be multiple opportunities to break out into sessions to learn about God, be trained in how to talk to people about Jesus, or be part of leading the movement at your campus!

Going Global: 
Power to Change wants the Gospel to be made known not only on university campuses in Australia, but all over the world. With this goal in mind, we'll get to hear about the places we can go overseas for a summer or longer to share our faith with others (once we are allowed to travel). 

Free Time: 
Teaching and training can be fun, but we like to break it up a bit and have fun with new and old friends. Sport, games, coffee, rest, and other activities are what students typically find themselves doing during thier free time.

Campus Time: 
Bond with people from your own campus or area! Campus time is important to us because it encourages us to continue pursuing God and community even when conference is over.

International Community: 
Winter Conference is a place for both local Australian and International students to come together to connect with Jesus and each other. There will be arrangements made for our friends whose first language is not English to experience the same teaching and training everyone is engaging with. There will be lots of opportunities to experience community with other international students!



What to bring

Mandatory - Please bring the following items with you to Winter Conference:

  • Clothes for cool/wet weather (including a warm jacket as it can get very cold at night)
  • Bible and journal (if you have one)
  • Medicare card (if you have one)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Bedding (sheets, sleeping bag/blanket, pillow)
  • Umbrella

Optional items:

  • Card or board games to play during free time
  • Enclosed shoes if you would like to play outdoor sports during free time
  • Snack food that you would like to eat in your dorm/share with your dorm mates
  • A powerboard or double adaptor for all those electronic devices
  • Money for your driver or the Winter Conference store

Registration & Payment


Conference Costs

Winter Conference is $300,  but there may be some discount available for international students and also students exploring Christianity for the very first time. Bottom line is we do not want anyone to miss out because of financial reasons.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more infromation. Conference spots are limited so please get in early and don't miss out!


Venue & Transport


The venue for Winter Conference is the Busselton Baptist Camping Centre!

Address - 206 Caves Rd, Siesta Park WA 6280




Registration provides options for transport.

If you can drive to conference and take others, that would be great!  Please let us know on your registration. You will receive an email with who you are driving a week out from conference. Please get in touch with your passengers.

If you need a lift to the conference, make sure you put that in your registration and a driver will be in touch a week out from the event. Please provide some petrol money for your driver. 


Contact Us


Check out the Facebook Event

For any Conference questions contact John - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0402 656 915



Event Date 2:00pm, 5 July 2021
Event End Date 11:00am, 9 July 2021
Price 300.00
Location Busselton Baptist Camping Centre

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