A Time of Expectation and Trust

As with most things in life, timing is important. 

According to research by McCrindle, more 10-24 year olds make decisions to follow Jesus than any other age group. That is why Power to Change has sought to focus on reaching the emerging generation. At the time when someone is more likely to think about life and make decisions that would significantly shape the rest of their lives, we want to be there to share the Gospel in a way that is compelling and easy to understand. 

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Is there retirement in God’s economy?

By Suan Lee Campbell

You can always spot him in a room by his hair. It’s fluffy and silver, not unlike the professor in the movie, Back to the Future. He throws quips around at meetings like ‘a pig with lipstick on is still a pig’ in describing superficial changes or ‘if you want to sup with a Scot, you’ll need long arms ’cos they don’t share their food, ’ in describing his visit to relatives in Scotland. 

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Two Masters and One Mission

A squad of fully armed guards and an armoured vehicle from the national military force accompanied a group of eleven Australians, two Swiss and several staff and student missionaries from Philippines Campus Crusade For Christ (PCCC). They were making their way in Tacloban and Eastern Samar, Philippines.  The local government had arranged the security force in case of extremist assault. The volunteer medical team trekked to eight villages to run free medical and dental clinics over two weeks in February.

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Gospel Reality Show

Peter Brook, Queensland campus coordinator, writes:

Location: University of Queensland UQ

Scene 1 (October 2016):

I’m sitting in a Discovery Bible Study. I watch a Japanese Christian leading three other girls in a discussion. We are looking at one of the stories in the Gospels about Jesus.

They all engage with the Scripture, and then we all pray for each other.

 (Peter’s internal thought) Who is a Christian and who isn’t? mmm I can’t work it out.

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Summer Pulse Heats Up in WA

Power to Change in Western Australia recently launched Summer Pulse, a way to keep the campus movements buzzing during the long uni break. Modeled on similar strategies in Queensland and NSW, it was led by a team of student leaders, who oversaw 40 people attending during its peak, during Tuesday nights at Subiaco Church of Christ.

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Answered Prayer

I would like to say thank you for your partnership with Power to Change. To encourage you, I've shared a number of different ways God has been at work in 2016 throughout our organisation and answered prayer on video. Please take a few minutes to have a listen.

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