As I’m sure you are aware, schools have gone through some drastic changes! They are open, but families have asked if they are able to keep their children at home. Therefore learning has moved online.


As a school chaplain, Stuart Brownscombe’s role seemed impossible. That is until the school principal asked him to continue his role in a special way.


The principal asked if Stuart would take on the task of checking on the wellbeing of the students and their families while they are at home. What incredible insight for the principal to care for the students and families in this way! Even though unable to meet in person, Stuart is able to manage this over the phone. What a blessing to receive a phone call from someone that cares for you, and is checking on how you are doing during this difficult time!


Power to Change is also encouraging its ministries to adapt and find new ways to continue ministry online, and it’s working!  Stuart was able to move his Bible studies online. This was met with great excitement as his study groups learned that they would be able to meet via video chat. Besides a couple of technical difficulties, these Bible studies have gone on very well.


Isn’t it great to know that our youth can continue to grow in their faith even though they are not able to meet in person? Please continue to pray for our workers and their innovative ways of connecting and building others.

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