There was a collective murmur as one of the international graduates, Jenna, got up in front of a large crowd at the Power to Change Queensland 40th anniversary celebration. Melody, a Chinese graduate, had just shared how she became a Christian soon after she arrived in Australia and then had the privilege of leading Fiona to Christ. Fiona then shared, via a video from China, how she had led Jenna to Christ. 

By the time, Thea got up and shared how Jenna had led her to Christ, the crowd was amazed at the way God had worked among the international students ministry to see five generations of spiritual multiplication in three years.

At the 40th Celebration, more than 300 alumni, students, past and present missionaries, and friends of the ministry heard a wide range of stories. It started with the very first student, John D’Alton, who launched the movement in Queensland. Moved on to Richard Thackray—the first missionary, to the pioneers in the 80’s. We heard from alumni who went on to serve in different places around the world like India. And the six different state leaders shared some of their disappointments and joys of serving God over those four decades. Everyone could see how the lives of students, once touched by Jesus on campus, led to broader and long-term impacts.

There have been two common responses from those who came to the celebration: praising God for how He continues to expand His kingdom on campus today; and gratitude for the opportunity to reconnect with long-lost friends!

The 40th Celebration was also an opportunity to give towards the continuing ministry on campus. We launched a $50,000 evangelism partnership with Ravi Zacharias Ministries for which 50% was donated on the night, with more pledges still to come.

The same God who inspired John to gather his friends and start an outreach-focused group; the same God who brought Richard to Queensland; the same God who started a chain reaction through Melody, is the same God who is bringing students to Himself through Queensland today!  


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