Suan Lee and Rex are missionaries with Power To Change. They found themselves starting a neighbourhood outreach by being friendly to passing neighbours from their front yard. Suan Lee tells her story of outreach and partnership with Global Church Movement (GCM) and Student Life.

All spiritual movements begin small and are God-led. This is the case in my neighbourhood outreach in Rosebud, Victoria. Movement building can begin anywhere and God knows where it will end up.


For Rex and I, it started in our colourful garden where we chatted and waved to passing neighbours over the years.

Then came the barbeques, prayers for critical situations and many break through conversations.

I met Jasmine* a single mum and her three children a few years ago. They had escaped from domestic violence and were hiding in the neighbourhood. I started a Life group** to support families like Jasmine’s.

Although she had a Catholic upbringing, Jasmine recalled, ‘When I visited this church (New Peninsula Baptist Rosebud), what I heard did something for me. I was hungry for the Word and I found it.‘

Later Jasmine invited Olive to the group. Olive is from Papua New Guinea. She shared, ‘My husband was killed at work while I was in hospital giving birth to our baby. That was many years ago and I’m just starting to feel well. Coming to this group is good for me and Lane (9-year old son)’ Jasmine has also found her mission in life.

Then came the amazing work of God in these two women; Olive recently visited her village Hereparu in PNG. She was beaming when she said, ‘I’ve found what God wants me to do. My heart melted when I saw the poverty there. I want to do something to help.’ Olive has started a charity work for the 150 people in her village. She added, ‘ The villagers pray together in the afternoon when they sound the village bell.’

Jasmine has also found her mission in life. This she accepted the position of children’s worker in the church. She said, ‘I really want to do this, it’s fulfilling to begin something that will shape the children.’

While the mothers meet in Life group, the children enjoy Kids’ Time. Recently, the women learnt how to share their testimony in three minutes from a workshop with GCM. Since then, the mothers took turns to share their testimony at Kid’s Time. While these women speak, I could see the children’s eyes sparkle with interest.

Last Friday, a group of university students from Student Life partnered with my Life group to run the Kids’ Time. The student leaders were brilliant with the kids. It may seem like an ordinary activity but for my Life group it was a Godsend.

As for me, I believe that touching the lives of these women will have a lasting impact on the children. Who knows what changes they can make in their world?

*Name changed

**Small group that do life together using the Bible as a manual for life

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