There was a buzz in the air as students poured off each arriving bus after traveling for 12+ hours. It was a cool breezy afternoon in early July, when nearly 330 university students embarked upon a conference centre near Richmond, NSW for the National Mid Year Conference of Power to Change. 

Each year students gather for a week to be both challenged and encouraged in their walk with God.  The days are filled with times of teaching, equipping and hearing some stories of God at work, along with elements of building community and having fun together.

I had the privilege of meeting up with Tharindu, a law and business student from the University of Queensland. Tharindu came to know Jesus as he connected with some missionaries and students in the campus strategy of Power to Change in 2012. As he has grown in his own walk with God, he has also had an increasing desire to help others come to know God in a personal way. ‘God changed my attitude…seeing people not just walking around, but rather seeing people with souls who need Jesus.’

On his campus he helps others grow in their ability to share their faith. One afternoon earlier this year he and another student, James, were meeting up for an evangelism hour. James was 40 minutes late and Tharindu was feeling less than excited to go out.  However, James was still eager once he arrived, so out the two of them went. Tharindu was thinking, ‘Can God really do anything in 20 minutes?’

They met up with a guy named Dave who came from a Hindu background. He had heard about Jesus, but didn’t understand anything about Him.  They asked if they could go through the Knowing God booklet and he agreed.  When they were sharing how Jesus is ‘the way and the truth and the life’ something clicked. Fifteen minutes of conversation and Dave wanted to pray to receive Christ. Tharindu was amazed; God really worked in the few minutes they had!

Tharindu continues to meet up with Dave, helping him to grow in his new life in Christ. This is just one of eight people that Tharindu has introduced to Jesus in the last year.

The smile on Tharindu’s face was evidence of the joy he has in sharing his faith with others.  He shared, ‘It’s really just a conversation with someone and learning where they are at and trusting God at the end of the day.’

Tharindu had the opportunity to share this story during the conference.

Pray for Tharindu and the university students involved with Power to Change across Australia to boldly share Jesus with others.

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Power to Change Today - Tharindu and Why Share? from Power to Change Australia on Vimeo.

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