Leaders following Jesus in building disciplemaking movements

Day Workshop - New Peninsula Baptist Church

The SHIFTm2M Day Workshop introduces you to a disciplemaking framework inspired by the life of Christ that will help you intentionally transform your ministry into a spiritual movement.

SHIFTm2M Movement Builders - Best Practice Zoom Gatherings

The SHIFTm2M community is invited to participate in a series of zoom gatherings taking place this year to explore solutions to some common challenges that leaders face in implementing disciplemaking principles.

Join leadership peers to explore a disciplemaking framework centred on a case study of Jesus’ ministry focusing on His movement building principles. Shift groups are coordinated by a trained facilitator who will help you wrestle with the realities of implementing what you discover about movement building in your own life and ministry context.

This is not an effort to prescribe a ‘model’ of doing ministry that you can take and plant over your old style. SHIFTm2M is a journey to discover the foundation of what Christ is calling leaders to be and what efforts He asks leaders to build into as His followers.

Centred around the gospels, SHIFTm2M Groups are times of study, training, discussion, and evaluation. There are nine days of content usually split over four retreats or once a month for 9 months.

There is preparation to do before each retreat. This is primarily working through Knowing Him, a 50 day chronological study through the life of Christ. This is facilitated using a Harmony of the Gospels which presents Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in parallel with events in the life of Christ presented in chronological order. Each study is supplemented by a podcast and most days have a video shot on location in Israel unpacking more about geography and historical context.

It’s on this foundation of a slow, thorough, and fascinating study through the gospels that your facilitator will help you unpack Jesus’ disciplemaking movement principles and apply them to your ministry context. During SHIFTm2M, you’ll study movement building principles from the life of Christ which have been used by thousands of leaders globally.

Who is SHIFTm2M For?

SHIFTm2M is designed for leaders who have a desire to build disciplemaking movements using principles from the life of Christ. A Shift group is ideal for pastors and Christian leaders who are seeking to create an environment that helps people connect with Jesus for the first time right through to becoming a multiplying disciplemaker.

Shift provides a common language and framework for transitioning a ministry into a movement. So leaders can greatly benefit from bringing their team on the Shift journey with them. This makes implementing changes easier and provides time for leadership teams to work on disciplemaking pathways in their context.

One of the most appreciated aspects of Shift is that it provides a forum for interacting with others who are facing similar challenges. SHIFTm2M creates a space where leaders can bounce ideas around, learn, and share their experiences to help others.

Examples of SHIFTm2M participants include denominational leaders, pastors, youth pastors, missionaries, non-profit leaders, people involved in Christian tertiary education, and Christian schools.


Cost = Registration + Retreats

Registration: There is a one-off SHIFTm2M registration fee (reduced rate for married couples attending together). Payment must to be made at the same time you submit the online registration form unless you or your organisation have pre-arranged to be sent an invoice for your registration. Once registered, your materials will be sent to you via Australia Post.

Retreats: In addition the SHIFTm2M registration fee, each retreat is paid for separately depending on the venue, catering, and accommodation (if needed) that the facilitator chooses to use. Retreats are coordinated and costed by facilitators who communicate with you directly about retreat details. Retreats are usually paid for during or just after each retreat using whatever mechanism your facilitator selects. There is a wide range of retreat costs.

Check with the facilitator who has invited you to participate in SHIFTm2M to find out what the expected retreat costs will be for your group.

Training Materials and Preparation

After registering for a SHIFTm2M group, you will receive the Movement Building manual, Knowing Him study guide (including a USB Drive with the Knowing Him supplemental podcasts and videos), Harmony of the Gospels, and a copy of 4 Chair Discipling by Dann Spader.

Participants are asked to complete the first 5 Knowing Him studies along with reading the first two chapters and Appendix 2 of 4 Chair Discipling before the first retreat. For this reason, we recommend that you register well before your first retreat so you have time to prepare.

Even if you have not registered for a SHIFTm2M group, some of our materials are available through the Power to Change store and you can find free PDF articles on our resources page. You can also watch our FREE videos series called Movement Building Insights from the Life of Christ on Vimeo.

SHIFTm2M Partners

AFCI Australia
New Church Life
The Salvation Army
ACOM - Learning for life
Emerging Leaders - Power to Change

What Others Are Saying

"Eighty Salvo leaders have been through the SHIFTm2M process over the past six years and the overwhelming feedback has been a clearer focus on intentional disciple-making amongst the competing pressures of ministry. They give strong testimony to its effectiveness in their leadership team focus, as well as their own personal disciple-making confidence, and this is also my experience."
Randall Brown
Senior Team Leader, The Salvation Army
"Participating in SHIFTm2M totally changed our team's perspective on Ministry. It took our eyes of programs alone, to a framework that’s been used successfully from youth to women’s ministries, and today forms the foundations of our discipleship pathway in a larger, multi-site church. SHIFTm2M works for us not because it’s some “clever strategy,” but because it’s simply Jesus’ strategy for making disciples who make disciples. If you have a passion for impacting the world through others, for Jesus - Shift is a must do experience for you."
Sam Haddon
Senior Pastor, Northside Community Church - Sydney
"SHIFTm2M has transformed our ministry. After going through SHIFTm2M four years ago we changed 85% of our ministry activity. We refocused our efforts away from what we could do in evangelism and put our energy into what we could develop other people to do in evangelism. Now we are seeing a disciplemaking movement spreading through churches in Australia and around the world."
John North
Ambassadors for Christ International - Australia

Receive Credit for Your Study

The Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) has worked with Power to Change to develop two units as supplemental study to the SHIFTm2M process. You can credit your SHIFTm2M study at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level.
ACOM Learning for Life

The Emerging Leaders Program

We are enthusiastic about our strategic partnership with the Emerging Leaders Program which is an initiative of CCCVAaT led by Andrew Hodgson. The EL Program includes completion of SHIFTm2M as well as MyFriends Training along with the other accredited units of training through our joint partner ACOM.

If you know of any leaders, pastors, youth pastors, young adults, or others wanting to engage in accredited Biblical and Ministry training then direct them to the Emerging Leaders website for further information.

Emerging Leaders

Featured Resources

Knowing Him is available as a free web app which includes all 50 studies along with the supplemental  videos and podcasts. A free account is required to save your notes.

Our emphasis in these videos is on the methodology Jesus used to launch a movement that would take the gospel message around the world. This series explores how Jesus made leadership decisions in the culture, geography, and political context that existed in the gospels.

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