What To Do For O-Week


  • Gather your already involved students
  • Realign people to the goals and objectives of Student Life
  • Outline your strategies for making contact with both Christians and non-Christians (cast vision)
  • Run activities that help build you as a team
  • Plan follow-up of contacts made during O-Week
  • Assign jobs – make banners, stall set-up, roster, etc., produce questionnaires
  • Pray together


  • Have brochures
  • Have sign-up sheets for Bible studies and other weekly activities
  • Have hand-outs for a social event at the end of the week (BBQ or something)
  • Have a banner that tells clearly who you are
  • Train your students on how to actively engage those who come to the stall in conversation, and invite them to something (don’t just stand there waiting for them to ask you questions)


  • Use at the stall, and free-roving
  • For free-roving questionnaires, target lines and queues and areas where people are just sitting
  • Can be for a prize (Chupa Chups work well as a “reward” just for filling it in; a major prize could be a voucher for a CD shop); this facilitates collecting the questionnaires
  • Have noticeable advertising at your stall for your questionnaire and prize


  • Go for quality and quantity
  • Make sure you get their contact details
  • Ask for permission to contact them
  • Carry a notebook to record their names and addresses of contacts you’ve developed into friends
  • Be proactive – invite them to things, arrange to pick them up, ask them for a decision about whether they’ll come

Follow Through With O-Week Contacts

  • Get together for phone parties
  • Prioritise contacts who have shown real interest
  • Get on to it within 48 hours of having made the contact
  • Set up face-to-face appointments – be clear about time, place, what you look like, back up plan for when they stand you up; persevere with them a few times when they stand you up (don’t assume the worst, assume they’ve forgotten).
  • Encourage and pray for each other; keep each other accountable, as this is often a hard area
  • Start putting together Christianity Explained and Bible study groups

LINC Campus Principle!
Never do anything alone that could involve others:
Every job is an opportunity to spend time with someone else to train, disciple and equip them!

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