Ten Evangelism Tips

Pray and Trust God

NEVER underestimate how God might be at work in a person, drawing them to Himself, even if they don’t look like the kind. Also, don’t forget that you don’t have to convince or argue with anyone who doesn’t want to hear about Jesus. It is God who draws people to Himself, not us!

The Holy Spirit is at work in All People, All of the Time. It is up to us to find out where God is working & co-operate with Him. It is life-changing for a person to have a positive contact with a Christian. God uses positive contacts to move someone towards Himself.

Success in witnessing is simply taking the initiative to share Christ in the Power of The Holy Spirit & leaving the Results to God. The Results are between them & God, not us! This can really free your mind & emotions to get out there & be part of building Gods Kingdom alongside God Himself!

Carry with you a small booklet or some bits of paper and pen so that if you get into a good conversation, you can ask them for their contact details. This is more personal and has fewer privacy laws implications, as it is more friend-to-friend.

If someone says no during walk-up evangelism, say thanks anyway and leave. Do not pressure them. Just politely move on to someone else.

Be Flexible! You will mostly be dealing with first years! If they don’t show up, call them back & see what happened. They may have forgotten or messed things up. Ask if they would like to make another time to meet. If no, then thank them & move on. If yes, set the time up again. If they are keen to meet consider giving them your phone number, so if they need to re-arrange they can. Some people may miss the second meeting also! Try again! Perseverance can pay off.

Choose to follow-up the hottest contacts.

Ask about the weekend, and tell people you went to church. This question gives your friend the opportunity to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of their experience with Christianity to date. You can them empathise with them over any bad experiences, trauma counsel them a bit and affirm the validity of their feelings

At stalls, do not passively sit behind the stall, otherwise, people will just stroll by. Stand up (all the time) and be ready to initiate conversation with people who approach.


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