Power to Change has developed a number of helpful videos to take you through diverse topics such as movement building, personal skills, outreach training and more

Ever wondered about how you can change lives and have an impact greater than yourself? Here we take you through the principles of a movement and how understanding movements can empower you to reach your campus, neighbourhood or school for Jesus with an impact far greater than yourself.

So you are sharing your faith. Your friends are listening politely, but you just seem to get stuck. They don’t get it, they don’t understand the concept of grace, or of substitution…or one of the other concepts that make up the Gospel.

No fear, God’s creation screams of His presence, and He has provided us with hundreds of analogies that can help to reveal his heart for humanity. Yes it’s true that no analogy is perfect, but there is power in telling an earthly story to communicate a heavenly principle. Jesus himself did that, and we call them his parables. You can learn to do that too!

Cam Fletcher is an enthusiastic communicator. His training can help you to share Jesus with your friends and family, or with total strangers. Have you ever wanted to tell those you care about why Jesus is such a big part of your life? Check out these playlists to get started! For best understanding, watch them in the order of "Perspectives on Sharing about Jesus", then "Conversation Starters", and finally "Apathy Jolters".

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