Tim Evans and myself (Joshua Montzka) with the help of some a student (Leonard Zou) from Power to Change Campus put together a short video to help you to understand and feel better about using IssuesIFace.com to help people and direct them to Jesus. It is typically recommended for people to connect through the website and not face to face.

The main purpose of IssuesIFace.com is to get spiritual converstions started with not-yet Christians, though struggling Christians also talk to mentors too. First-hand accounts of people going through a difficult life-issue exist for each of the life-issues listed on the site. They are there to help the readers feel like they are not alone, like they can reach out for help with people who understand. After each story they are able to respond and ask for help.

The articles and the way to connect can be found at: www.issuesiface.com
Become a mentor by visiting: tmm.io

Some testimonies describing issuesiface.com:
"It is a website that helps people from all walks of life to begin to see hope in their situation and begin a relationship with a mentor who can help them along the process, and hopefully experience Jesus."
"Part of a caring ministry and evangelistic bridge strategy used to connect with people who want help to deal with a serious life issue."
"Articles that connect people to help deal with real life issues."
"A caring ministry and evangelistic bridge that connects with people who are asking for help to deal with a life crisis of some kind."

Filmed by Timothy Evans and Joshua Montzka

Edited by Joshua Montzka

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