You can click on the orange button below to begin the process of setting up a regular recurring donation or donating a one-off gift.  Please note that donating is a three-step process:

  1. A secure Power to Change donor form where you will enter your personal details along with partial details of your donation.
  2. A secure Commonwealth Bank BPoint form where you will complete full details of your donation.  
  3. A Verification page where you will confirm the details of your donation.


You will need a 7-digit Missionary or Ministry number to complete this form.  This number can be found using the documents below, by contacting the Missionary or Ministry involved, or by contacting us on (03) 9014 7584 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you get an error message saying "Donation/Missionary number you entered is not valid" please recheck the number is correct or contact us. 


If you are having issues completing your donation, please consult the Help section below or contact us on (03) 9014 7584 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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 Help with Forms

-  Fields marked with an * are mandatory and must be completed.

-  Amount field: only use full numbers (this system will not accept $ signs, full stops or cents).

-  Giving start date field: must be future dated (not the same day as setting up the donation).  Please use the drop down menu to select the date.  If you wish to enter the date manually, the required format is dd/mm/yyyy.

-  The last four numbers of your bank account field on the Power to Change page is for our crosscheck purposes only.  You will be asked to complete your full banking details on the BPoint banking form on the next page.

-  We only accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards (no Amex or Diners).

-  One-off donations: please ignore the details in the "Register Schedule Payment" section of the form.  These fields are not live (they are greyed out) so they will not apply to your payment.  The "End after" field below is set to 1 payment ensuring your donation will only be processed once.

-  After submitting the BPoint form and approving the payment terms and conditions, you will be sent a Verification email.  You must click on the link in this email within 7 days for your payment/s to be confirmed and processed.  Please check your Spam/Junk email folder if the email is not received in your Inbox.

-  After your donation has been received, you will be allocated a 7-digit Donor ID number.  You can use this number to make future online donations via the Already an Existing Power to Change Donor section on the previous page.

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