Marriage askYou're in love! Sometimes it feels like a fairy tale and sometimes you have to face the cold, hard facts. Wherever you are in the process, a romantic relationship can certainly bring a lot of rewards and a few challenges along the way!

But how can you figure out if this is the real thing and your partner is "the one" or if you are really very different incompatible people? How do you prepare yourself for a relationship that lasts a lifetime rather than just walking with your head in the clouds and hoping for the best? What premarital counselling do you need before entering marriage? Whether your dating or engaged, we want to help.

We believe that the best time to start building a strong and healthy relationship is at the very beginning. We want to help you lay the foundation for a lifetime of love and romance without the years of painful trial and error.


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Attend a Conference

While our conferences focus on marriage, we have designed each of them with unmarried couples in mind. We have included additional projects and concepts for you to consider.  Give it a go and learn some of the foundations that will help your relationship flourish.

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Get Pre-Marital Counselling

Looking for some direction in your relationship? Get in touch now to take an individualised online relationship assessment and then meet 3-4 times with one of our trained coaches to talk through your relationship. Whether it be premarital counselling or just an assessment of how you work as a couple and if you should move forward, we are there to help.

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Preparing for Marriage

A personal study containing six fun, romantic sessions and five special projects that will prepare you for the important, lifelong task of building a Christian marriage. Go through with a mentor or on your own as a couple to learn about God's unique blueprints for your marriage. Topics include:

  • How to handle finances and plan for the future
  • Evaluating roles and responsibilities in marriage
  • Establishing a positive, loving sexual relationship
  • Dealing with issues, expectations and family histories
  • Evaluate as a couple your readiness for marriage
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Meet with a Mentor

One of the most helpful things a young couple can do is to find an older couple they admire and ask that couple to help mentor them. Meeting up every couple of months to talk about how your relationship is going and learning a few tricks from someone a bit further down the road can be invaluable. Find a couple you look up to and start today!

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