Preparing for Marriage

Preparing for Marriage is a dynamic resource designed to help you lay the foundation for a strong, Christian marriage.

The study includes six fun, romantic sessions and five special projects that will prepare you for the important, lifelong task of building a Christian marriage.

To get the most out of this study, both you and your fiancee will need your own personal copies of Preparing for Marriage.

You each will learn about God's unique blueprints for your marriage:

  • Discern God's will for your relationship
  • Handle your finances and plan for the future
  • Clarify your marital roles and responsibilities
  • Establish a positive, loving sexual relationship
  • Deal with issues, expectations and family histories
  • Evaluate as a couple your readiness for marriage

Preparing for Marriage: Devotions for Couples

Know where you're headed before you walk down the aisle. This companion devotional to Dennis and Barbara Rainey's Preparing for Marriage book offers 42 short devotionals written by the authors that help couples lay the foundation for a strong marriage. Get ready for the day after the wedding day by spending quality time with God and each other today!

Moments with You

What is the true secret to spiritual growth for couples? In Moments With You, Dennis and Barbara Rainey offer what couples need to get started or to continue growing in their quiet times together.

These short but poignant biblical devotions are enjoyable and easy to use. Provides a daily discussion point, prayer and Scripture reference.

Promote strong marriages with this outstanding resource for married couples of all ages and at all stages of life.

Rocking the Roles

Ozzie and Harriet are gone. And with them, the idea that the traditional marriage is the only right way. Rocking the Roles examines what the Bible really has to say about male and female roles. A far cry from the restrictions of traditional marriage or the formlessness of modern marriage, this approach offers a perfect blend of structure and equality, of balance and beauty.

Moments Together for a Peaceful Home

A collection of 30 devotions reflecting on ways that husbands and wives can maintain peace and harmony at home.

Consistent devotion to prayer together will lead you into God's purposes for your lives together as a couple.

Staying Close

Are you living alone - in the same home as your spouse? This award-winning book by Dennis and Barbara Rainey provides a workable strategy for defeating isolation and keeping your marriage vital and intimate. Understand the cultural and personal forces that isolate you while learning how to pull your marriage together rather than allowing it to drift apart.

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