Encouragement for Broken Hearted Homes

Whether your loss came suddenly or after a long-term illness, you are undoubtedly brokenhearted. But in the midst of suffering you can find hope and courage. You are not alone. God is with you. He sees your pain and He understands your sorrow.

Whenever you find it hard to go on, or just need a word of encouragement, open this book. In its pages, you will:

  • Discover comforting words through inspirational readings.
  • Feel your spirit uplifted and encouraged through key Scripture verses.
  • Gain a better understanding of the grief process from grief experts.
  • Find out what to do when grief isn't going well.
  • Learn how to help children better deal with grief.
  • With the help of God, the support of caring family members and friends, and inspirational resources like this booklet, you can emerge on the other side of grief.

Experience peace and joy in ways you never thought possible!

Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening

Dan Hayes has provided a refreshing account of numerous revivals which have taken place around the globe. It is an exciting journey into the history of God moving in the hearts of people in whole universities, towns and cities.

What is needed for revival to occur?

Revival at its core begins when the church recognises that there is a desperate need for spiritual awakening. Christians need to humble themselves, confess their sins and pray continually and fervently for revival.

Be inspired to lay the foundations of spiritual revolution in the community around you.

Questioning Evangelism

A much needed look at sharing Christ with non Christians, based not on hard sell tactics, but on engaging questions and caring interaction.

Filled with humour and thought provoking stories, this book provides a challenging yet encouraging look at evangelism in our world today.

This volume argues that asking questions and starting meaningful conversations is a far better method for sharing faith than prepared lectures or statements.

It gives practical advice on what people need to hear in response to the world around them.

Tender Warrior

Its tough being a man—especially in a culture that isn’t sure what manhood really means. Providing hope for men by challenging their assumptions and reshaping their convictions, Stu Weber takes an in-depth, life-changing look at God’s intention for a man and His powerful blueprint for balanced manhood. Find out how you can become the Tender Warrior God intended—tender, yet tough—sensitive, yet strong—and revolutionize your life and relationships.

4 Chair Discipling

Dann Spader is a disciple-maker who has spent years exploring what it means to take someone from seeker to making disciples themselves. Over 750,000 people in 80 countries have been trained to make disciples through organizations he has led. Through studying the life of Christ and His disciple-making methods, Dann developed 4 Chair Discipling, a simple picture for others to follow. Jesus' last words here on earth had a few very specific instructions... We are to "Go... and Make Disciples... Baptize... and Teach."

But what does that mean for us today? Well, it's not easy. But it is simple. Teacher and leader Dann Spader explains disciple-making as a process of moving people through four chairs, from someone seeking to know more about Christ to someone who makes disciples themselves.

Chair 1: Come and See (John 1:39)
Chair 2: Follow Me (John 1:43)
Chair 3: Become a Fisher of Men (Matthew 4:19)
Chair 4: Go and Bear Fruit (John 15:16)

In the process of His four year ministry, Jesus realized that different people are at different stages of growth and development, and He works to challenge each of them to the next level. In 4 Chair Discipling you'll get a clear and simple picture of how to follow in Jesus' footsteps and do the same thing.

Changes that Heal

In Changes That Heal, renowned clinical psychologist Dr Henry Cloud combines his expertise, mature faith, and keen understanding of human nature in a four-step program of healing and growth.

Dr. Clouds down-to-earth plan shows you how to:

bond with others to form truly intimate relationships
separate from others and develop a sense of self
understand the good and bad in yourself and others
grow emotionally and spiritually

Filled with fascinating case studies and helpful, practical techniques, Changes That Heal offers sound advice that helps you get the most out of your life, heal the wounds of your past, and build lasting, loving relationships.

Transferable Concepts

Transferable Concepts are practical spiritual truths that maintain their authenticity and power when communicated from one person to another, generation after generation. You can use these concept to deepen your personal walk with God, in small-group Bible studies, and as a practical part of your ministry strategy.

Jesus Without Religion

Jesus Without Religion provides an overview of the Gospels, and through reading sections of Scripture with brief commentary, the reader gets to know Jesus; what he said and what he did. Uncover a compelling portrait of Jesus, with a clear presentation of the words, works and claims of Jesus.

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