Girl DepressedWhat do you do when you don’t think you can do anymore and things seem to be getting worse? Sometimes in our marriages, we all need some extra help along the way. This might be a time to consider counselling.

No-one finds it easy to admit when they might need a little help from outside, and sometimes Christians find it especially difficult as they have the idea that they shouldn’t need to ask for help. However, we don’t have the same idea if we need medical help or legal help, and the help of a counsellor could be seen in the same way.

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As with many issues or problems in life, the sooner you seek help, the easier it is to put right and counselling is no different. The earlier help is sought for a problem between couples or within families, the more likely the issues can be addressed and resolved quickly. Those who leave seeking help until years of bitterness and resentment have added layer upon layer to a problem often have a longer and more difficult time finding a way through to a positive resolution.


If you feel like, you'd like to try counselling, here are some things you should think about:

  • What training, qaulifications and experience does the counsellor have? (Are these relevant to the issues you need help with?)
  • How much do they charge per session and what are their cancellation procedures?
  • Approximately how long will the counsellor expect you to be in counselling and how will it end?
  • Will there be regular review points to evaluate progress and direction?
  • Is this someone that you feel comfortable with and is helping you make progress?


If you're looking for a counsellor near you, we would encourage you to check out the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia.

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