7 Things to Remember About Sex

What it’s Important to Remember about Sex

By Bob Lepine 

It’s no surprise that many husbands and wives think differently about sex. And these differences can easily become a source of conflict in marriage. 

With that in mind, I want to suggest seven things men need to remember about sex and seven things wives need to keep in mind as well:

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4 Ideas to Improve Your Lovemaking

By Tricia Goyer

I like using the term lovemaking when talking about sex in marriage. Any two consenting adults can have sex, but it takes committed-for-life marriage partners to make love.

Lovemaking comforts because it releases tension. A backrub is good for tense bodies, a sexual release even better. God was ingenious in His creation. Through lovemaking we can create life, experience one-flesh intimacy and deep knowledge, enjoy deep pleasure, and even comfort each other in times of stress or sorrow.

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