1.  Sign up to do a Marriage Check-Up.

2.  We will then match you with a trained facilitator who will walk with you through the rest of the process. At this time, we will ask for you to pay the one-off registration fee for the assessment and individual sessions with your trained facilitator.

3.  Once your fee is paid, each partner will receive an email with a link to take their individual assessments online. The assessment generally takes about 15-20 minute to complete.

4.  After you both have completed your assessments, your trained facilitator will get in touch to set up a few hour long sessions (they will generally want to meet with you 4-5 times) to talk through your results and to give you some personalised tools to help you grow in your relationship. Between each individual session, you will be given some exercises to complete with your partner that will help you apply what you have learned.

5.  At the end of your time, you will receive a ten-page profile with graphs, charts, and diagrams that help you see a good snapshot of the strengths and growth areas of your relationship. You will also be given a number of tools and insights to talk through as next steps for you as you move forward.


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