You are not alone in your experiences. Marriage Mentoring aims to pair you with an older couple who wants to listen and invest in your lives. Over the course of a year they’ll guide you through several conversations crucial for a healthy marriage. This isn’t crisis counselling, it’s an opportunity to share your story and learn from the life experience of another couple.

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How to Find a Good Mentor

There are many traits you may want to look for in a good mentor but ultimately, you want someone that you enjoy spending time with who has more experience than you and is willing to walk through life with you. Many older couples would love to help but they don't want to intrude and so it's up to you to initiate with a couple that you admire. If they are unsure of where to go, have them check out becoming a marriage mentor.



"We found renewed hope for our marriage knowing
we weren't alone in our challenges."

- mentored couple -


Here are some good questions to ask yourself as you look for a marriage mentor:

  • Do you connect with the mentoring couple?
  • Do you think they will help you grow as a person and as a couple?
  • Are they open and honest?
  • Do they model the kind of life that you want to have?
  • Will they be committed to you?
  • Are they committed to confidentiality?
  • Are they able to teach well and be real even if it's not what you fully want to hear?
  • Do they call you to become more than you currently are?
  • Do they help you take clear, practical steps forward?
  • Do they listen well and address your needs?
  • Do you enjoy spending time together?
  • Have they experienced some hard things in life and walked well through those challenges?


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