Life has a way of overwhelming a relationship. Jobs, activities, errands, kids, chores. Routines can easily become ruts. Before you know it, checking your favourite social media app is more important than carving out some time together. Whether you’re married, living together or dating, a ‘Love That Lasts’ relationship getaway is a chance to make a change. It’s time to slow down, rediscover each other and find more connection in your life together.  It is especially designed for those without a faith or church background.

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A special feature of the ‘Love That Lasts’ event is the personalised couples assessment which provides each couple with significant insight into fully understanding and appreciating each other’s uniqueness while highlighting some areas of strength and growth in their relationship. Each ‘Love That Lasts’ relationship getaway combines sessions delievered by our top speaker couples who will use humour and personal stories that you will relate with to inspire you, help you grow and enable you to avoid years of painful trial and error. There are designated times during the sessions and after some sessions for you to do practical and relevant projects together as a couple.  There are no awkward group projects that will unnerve you.  The ‘Love That Lasts’ relationship getaway is designed for you as a couple to discuss things together only.

‘Love that Lasts‘ topics will cover; getting below the surface, understanding yourself and your partner, resolving conflict, sexual intimacy, communication, and the roles we play. No matter how long you’ve been together, or whether you’re just starting out, every couple needs time away together. Celebrate again why you fell in love.

It’s what all couples are looking for; a Love that Lasts. We look forward to seeing you there…….


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