Help couples understand God’s plan for relationships

The Art of Marriage video event is, simply, a marriage conference delivered through video. It’s designed to be hosted by anyone, anywhere. Hosting the video event is easy with Art of Marriage kit. It includes everything you need to host a quality event:

  • Four DVDs. Three contain the six teaching sessions and one provides promotional tools. The promotional DVD includes video clips and customisable promotion tools for professional-looking promotion.
  • A Couple’s Study Guide Set for the host and spouse. Couples attending the event will want their own couple’s study guide set to help them apply the principles taught in each session as they discover God’s design for their marriage.


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Love that Lasts

This weekend marriage conference is designed to help you rediscover your partner. We feature a personalised online couples assessment to help couples understand and appreciate each other's uniqueness while highlighting some areas of strength and growth in your relationship. As always, there are no awkward group discussions.

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A Day Together

Our renowned one-day relationship conference focuses on the theme of cultivating oneness in your marriage. Each conference is a friendly gathering that's all about making progress and not assigning blame. Through the presentations and couples projects, you will be challenged and grow closer as a couple in a safe environment. Rest assured there is no group sharing!

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Host A Day Together

Do you know someone close to you in marital or relational crisis and asked yourself the question: “What can I do to help their marriage or other relationships in my community?”
You can bring Power to Change’s ‘A Day Together‘ conference to your community.

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The Art of Marriage

Marriage is a true art form. It is coloured by personalities, passions and experience. The Art of Marriage is a video event that weaves together expert teaching, engaging stories, man-on-the street interviews and humorous vignettes to help portray both the challenges and the beauty marriage.

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Save a Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful thing when it's working well. When it's not working well, it can stretch us beyond what we ever thought possible. We know it can be tough - we've experienced it in our lives. Would you be willing to consider helping financially to provide help, hope and some practical tools for couples who are having a tough go of it? Would you consider helping re-light the spark in a relationship that has been snuffed out?

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