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We want you to help bring help & hope to families!


“Our marriage was destined to fail without a doubt, as we both came from very dysfunctional families. Our marriage was extremely toxic.

But then something extraordinary happened as I got saved … and hope started to spring up inside of me.”

--A Sponsored Couple



Sponsor a Marriage

You don't need us to tell you that there are a lot of hurting couples throughout Australia. Unfortunately, we found that instead of getting help, most couples keep quiet and struggle until there isn't much left to struggle for. There are many reasons for this, but often times when there are relationship issues there are financial issues.

We’d like to invite you to consider investing in marriages financially.  We’ve set up a sponsorship fund to help hurting couples attend marriage conferences and get the help they need. These couples are deeply touched by the generosity of those who want to help marriages grow.

For us, it's the chance to re-light the spark in a relationship that has been snuffed out. Would you consider helping bring life to a marriage that is battling to survive?


Save a Marriage Sponsorship Fund


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Become a Legacy Partner

Since the beginning, Power to Change has depended on people just like you, who know God’s Word is full of timeless, practical advice for marriage and families. And because of our Legacy Partners, more and more people are hearing about God’s blueprints for healthy families!

Power to Change’s radio programmes, events, and resources all have one thing in common— they are fueled by the generosity of our dedicated, sacrificial friends and partners. Each year, these outreaches impact thousands of lives, providing help for today and hope for tomorrow to marriages and families.

With their monthly giving, our Legacy Partners build capacity to help couples focus on what is important as they help to equip marriages, parents, and families to impact our culture for Christ for generation after generation.

Become a Legacy Partner




Give a One-Off Gift

Financial gifts toward the expenses of Power to Change allow us to work more effectively and more extensively in helping people to build strong marriages and family relationships. From developing new resources, to promoting awareness of prayer initiatives for the family and helping couples grow means that Power to Change can help more couples get to know the difference that Jesus can make in their relationships. Thank you!


Give a One-Off Gift to help Australian Families




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Helping our Full-Time Couples

Our full-time couples are supported by regular people like you. None of our speakers or volunteers are paid - each of these couples give their time because they are so passionate about helping your marriage thrive. In addition, we have had couples leave their full-time careers in the market place to give their lives to help struggling couples throughout Australia. Their only source of income is through generous donations by people like you. Would you consider giving on a monthly or one-off basis to help these full-time couples and enable them to have an impact with more hurting families?


Invest in a Full-Time Couple Today!





“We share our finances with Power to Change because you fight for families in ways that we cannot.”  -- A Legacy Partner


Don’t delay— Marriages and families need your help today so they can have hope for tomorrow! For more information, flick us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



You can partner with the work of Power to Change by giving online

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