Quarantine Edited

Once you've reached out to those in your community, the next step is creating community. While we want to encourage you to help others on your own, we also want to encourage you to build a community that can serve alongside of you. That way, if someone is forced into quarantine, things can still keep going. Empowering others to serve takes the load off of you but also allows others the blessing of giving. Plus, it's a great opportunity to build real community as we come alongside each other to help!

As we think about building community, we want to:

LOVE the people around you with God’s love in generous, sacrificial and 'no strings attached' ways. We want to connect with our neighbours, friends and family so they know that we are thinking of them. This might look different for each person but it's your job to think through how you can communicate love to these friends.

PRAY for the people God lays on your heart as you ask Him who you can focus on. Pray that God would bless them and help provide for practical needs through yourself and others in the community.

CARE for them in practical and simple ways by being available to assist anyway you can in this crisis. Most importantly, ask people how they are really going and listen as they share.


Building that sense of community may be a bit more of a challenge online but it also has some real benefits. Through social media, you can have an ongoing conversation where you can get a bit deeper and talk about the real issues people are facing. It's good for us to regularly check-in with others.

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