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Leaders following Jesus in building disciplemaking movements

As a leader in the SHIFTm2M community, we would like to invite you to participate in a series of zoom gatherings taking place this year to explore solutions to some common challenges that leaders face in implementing SHIFTm2M principles.

Each zoom gathering will feature some input based on best practice, case studies, and a time of discussion to unpack the topic further.

Follow the registration links below to let us know that you're available to participate. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the gathering.

Upcoming Zoom Gatherings

Disciplemaking in the new normal

When: 10am to 11:30am on Tuesday 9th February 2021
Host: Peter Roennfeldt (NewChurchLife)

Peter Roennfeldt

Pandemics change society and church. What has been the impact on your disciplemaking environment and pathway? Share the specific challenges and opportunities are you wrestling with and have them on the table for discussion at this best practice zoom hosted by Peter Roennfeldt with input from John North and Bill Hodgson.


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How to build the spiritual foundations into your new believers - the first step in creating a disciplemaking environment

When: 10am to 11:30am on Tuesday 24th November 2020
Host: John North & Aaron Daniell (Ambassadors for Christ International - Australia)

John North

As you prepare to implement your understanding of Jesus’ movement building model in your own church, you wonder how to start?

You try to change your whole church ministry approach to match Jesus’ model, but you get significant push-back from people who are happy with the current model. What should you do? 

So many of these problems and issues that you will face when trying to implement Jesus’ disciplemaking model are solved if you start the change process well. In this Best Practice Zoom, Aaron Daniell and John North, with input from Bill Hodgson and Peter Roennfeldt, will focus on the ‘Build’ level of the Disciplemaking Environment as the key to starting and growing an effective new disciplemaking DNA in your church.

This Best Practice Zoom will also give you valuable insights if you are coaching others who want to develop an effective disciplemaking pathway for their local church.


What might church and mission look like in a post COVID-19 era?

When: 10am to 11:30am on Wednesday 2nd September 2020
Host: Peter Roennfeldt (NewChurchLife)

Peter Roennfeldt

Our global societies have been shaken—and the church with it. All routines have been upset, and even our practice of going to church has been derailed. The impacts are so broad and all-encompassing we struggle to grasp the implications. We are so tethered to past practices and traditions, it is difficult to hear what we are being told—that we are in this for the long-haul and won’t be returning to the way it was before! It is just not sinking in—normal life (whatever that was!) is on hold for the foreseeable future. Perhaps we just don’t want to believe what we are being told. We are trying to convince ourselves that we will soon be back to how it was before COVID-19. And of course for us as believers, that will mean we will soon get back to church—as it was before.

But, what if this is the new normal? There will be a post COVID-19 era. However, there is a consensus that this pandemic will redefine how we live in the future. And, if this is true, will church ever be the same again? What might church and mission look like?

Peter Roennfeldt will explore practical applications of key SHIFTm2M principles to our rapidly changing and evolving environments of ministry—applying the 1st century methods of Jesus and the apostles for our 21st century.


How to coach people in their next steps towards creating a disciplemaking environment

When: 10am to 11:30am on Wednesday 15th July 2020
Host: Bill Hodgson (Power to Change)

Bill Hodgson

The eager tourists asked a policeman “what are the must-see places in Dublin?” for their afternoon of adventure. He increased their expectations by thoughtfully listing off a long list of “must see” landmarks and experiences. At which point the committed adventurers asked, “So where should we start?” To which he replied, “Well I definitely wouldn’t start from here.”

The absurdity is that we can only ever start from “here”, for the next step is always taken from where we are, not from where we wish we were. SHIFTm2M presents leaders with a bigger, clearer, and sharper vision of the desired outcome of their disciplemaking adventure and the new “destinations” they must visit on the way.

Bill Hodgson will explore practical strategies and tips for effectively coaching leaders to begin the implementation of SHIFTm2M principles on the ground, going beyond simply being excited about and in agreement with the idea.

Download MP3 Recording (53MB)

How do you train people for evangelism in the disciplemaking environment?

When: 10am to 11:30am on Tuesday 19th May 2020
Host: John North (Ambassadors for Christ International - Australia)

John North

You most likely finished your SHIFTm2M journey highly motivated to follow Jesus’ example. You began working on your own pathway to develop the people of your church into multiplying disciplemakers. As you thought through the stages of the Disciplemaking Environment (Connect – Win – Build – Train – Send/Multiply), the first three were familiar to you. You have been working in those areas all along and, while you may need to make some changes to create a disciplemaking pathway for people to follow, at least it’s familiar territory. But it’s those last two stages (Train and Multiply) that are the big challenges. You need help knowing how to put together a plan for training people in organised evangelism in a way that will then prepare them for multiplication training.

In this webinar, John North will help us understand the objectives of this stage of development and the big things to keep in mind as we design the Train stage for our churches. If this is an area you need help in for yourself, or for your coaching of others, you do not want to miss this webinar!

Download MP3 Recording (68MB)

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