Connecting people to Jesus - Next Steps


Power to Change is all about helping people connect to Jesus and each other. But how can we do that in a world of physical distancing?

This page provides some practical resources for pastors, leaders, and everyday followers of Jesus to intentionally connect with people in an isolated world, help them meet Jesus, and share their new relationship with Him with others.

Connecting people to Jesus during COVID-19

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Pastors and Leaders

Navigating into mission through the COVID-19 storm

Here are some practical ideas and suggestions for leading God’s people to BE the Church and make disciples, living out of their identity through this crisis. 


SHIFTm2M Best Practice Zoom Gatherings

The SHIFTm2M community is invited to participate in a series of zoom gatherings taking place this year to explore solutions to some common challenges that leaders face in implementing SHIFTm2M principles.

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SHIFTm2M Resources

SHIFTm2m has a number of resources to help pastors and leaders develop a disciplemaking pathway based on the life of Christ for their spheres of influence.

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Connecting my friends with Jesus

MyFriends App

The MyFriends Web App contains Bible Discovery resources for people at all stages of their walk with God.


How to discover God with your friends

What can the church do when it can’t gather together in one place? Simple – we can all share the love of God in word and deed wherever we are. 

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Bilingual Discovery Bible Studies

You can create Discovery Bible studies with Bible passages in more than 100 languages via the dmlife website.




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