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Alone is a film about isolation and the search for connection. It raises the question, what if there was someone who cared? Someone who desired to show us we are not alone, even to the point of giving their life.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help finance the film, paying for the actors, crew and equipment hire. Once made, the film will be utilised throughout Power to Change, online and in person and will be available, with accompanying tools, to other faith communities as a way to connect people to the gospel.

The Parting Gift, our first film, has been used almost 2,500 times, with almost 1,400 people wanting to find out more about Jesus and over 140 people accepting Jesus on the spot, right after watching the film! 

God works through engaging films that share His story. Imagine how God is going to work through Alone and connect people to Himself!


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Expressing Jesus powerfully through Film

Power to Change Film is a brand new initiative of Power to Change – formed with the purpose of expressing Jesus powerfully through film.

Our desire is to tell engaging stories that express the heart of Christ and appeal to audiences who have little or no experience with Christianity. We work with industry professionals of all faiths and world-views. We endeavour to be a part of the global conversation in film. Our intent is not to create a Christian filmmaking subculture, but to engage with anyone no matter what they believe, in a way that is open and respectful.

We hope our films will move you deeply and give you an intimate glimpse into the mysteries of Christ.



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