seeker process 1

First Contact

  • Involve a co-leader or lead CE as a group, not 1-1 if possible.
  • After CE lesson 2, include seekers details in:
  • Invite to formal activities:
    • Power Hour
    • Core Group
  • Invite to informal social activities:
    • Lunch at Central Hub
    • Movies
    • Games
  • And above all - Pray!
    Ephesians 2:17b-19

seeker process 2

New Life

  • Celebrate!
  • Update contacts in the New Life tab:
  • Explain that they can now share this news with their friends and family and invite them to follow Christ too.
  • New Life in Christ
  • New Follow Up Process
    • Personal testimony
    • Church involvement
    • Main meetings
    • Core Group
    • KGP sharing
    • Personal Prayer
    • Sharing faith
    • Task-orientated service
  • Invite to Multiplying Discipleship if F.A.T.
  • Keep praying for their Love and Faith to grow
    Phil 1:9-11

Spiritual Multiplication is to reproduce ourselves such that others have the vision and skills to reproduce in turn (2 Timothy 2:2).


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Becoming a missionary provides the challenge of a lifetime! It involves learning more than you ever imagined. It is difficult but rewarding and fulfiling. You will be investing into the things that matter the most – God, His Word and people.

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