Core Principles

Student-Led Principle

In Catalytic Strategy, a few missionaries will focus on a large scope with multiple universities and work to win and discover students, volunteers, and church partners who will form the movement team for local movements. Missionaries work with students toward the end goal of a campus movement that is:

  • self-Run(governing itself)
  • self-Reproducing(raising up of new leaders)
  • self-Resourcing(provision of resources eg: funding)

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What are we seeking to Catalyse in each location?

The focus of all our efforts is to see God raise up the critical mass needed to launch a new movement in every university. We are trusting God to raise up a team of like-hearted disciples through whom He can supernaturally work to connect, build, and send toward fulfilling of the Great Commission. Catalytic missionaries focus simultaneously on multiple universities, usually 7-20, as they take the initiative to network and evangelise, discovering where God is working and where He is preparing hearts, resources, and partners. They use a variety of strategies to connect and discover potential volunteers and leaders through whom the movement will grow.

They work to see each location move forward along the following continuum: (a) pioneering and networking to (b) recruiting a few key volunteers (KV) who are aligned with our mission, and then (c) those volunteers form a team that will (d) grow and launch new multiplying movements.

Their role is to discover, envision, equip, encourage, and empower others to execute the mission and vision. We believe that God has promised in His word that He is already working, preparing believers and even non-believers to be a part of a movement in many locations. He is the sovereign Lord and we cannot make any guarantees, but our job is to go out by faith and discover where God is working and join Him there. Not all schools will be ready, not all locations will go at the same pace. Just as the New Testament letters testify, this kind of ministry is full of adventurous challenges. The churches we read about had problems and issues that needed much prayer, correction, equipping, exhortation, and shepherding, but they saw God do amazing things. Few things are more exciting than seeing young students begin to lead as they experience and follow Christ! All over the world, God is working and hundreds of new ministries are growing, do we dare join Him?

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God Igniting fires in Romania

Though there are hundreds of examples that could be referenced from Vietnam and Indonesia to China and Russia, let me share one first-hand example I experienced from Romania. Ten years after the revolution in Romania, there was still no student ministry in Craiova, a city with around 17,000 students. Then God began to stir the heart of one young woman, Anca, to pray. God so inflamed her heart with a burden for the lost at her university that she could not keep it to herself. She took a step of faith and opened her heart to her sister who was also a student and a believer, and they both agreed to pray together weekly. Seeing the brokenness in the lives of students around them, they prayed for God to use them to raise up labourers on their campus. Initially, it was difficult because they felt that God could do little with just two of them, but they remembered the Lord's promise, "where two or more are gathered there I am in their midst." They persevered in prayer and began to celebrate Jesus' presence with them and His desire to work through them. More than a month later, another student joined them and they continued to meet and pray weekly, asking God to move in their university.

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Power to Change has developed a range of resources for campus ministry. Some of these great resources can be found here. We work hard to make all our resources Transparent and Transferable. Transparent is about making things clear and starting with the understanding that we want this to be passed on to others. Transferable is about keeping the content simple so that anyone can grasp it and then teach it to others.

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