Coaches develop Key Volunteers through the MAWL process so they can develop others to grow the movement on a campus and transition well.

Key Volunteers are the backbone of the Catalytic Campus ministry. They run the movement on their campus. Through building the movement, growing the leadership, and introducing people to Jesus, they impact the Kingdom of God

Challenge someone to become a Key Volunteer

The Mini-Me Model


What is MAWL?

MAWL stands for Model, Assist, Watch, and Leave.
MAWL helps define if we are heading towards a movement or if we are heading towards a ministry.

Globally Vision: Movements everywhere, connecting everyone to someone who truly follows Jesus. We have defined a movement as God working through a team of like-hearted disciples to Connect, Build and Send towards the fulfilment of the Great Commission.

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The Value of MAWL

Common Questions about MAWL

The Soccer Coach Analogy

20/80 Principle



A healthy movement is a growing movement. A place for new leaders to emerge, be trained and take on the challenge of building the movement themselves. Jesus’ earthly ministry only lasted about three years before the disciples took over. Paul rarely stayed long in one place, simply planting the church, training some key leaders, and moving on. Of course, he then coached them via letters and the occasional visit, but no one church he planted was solely dependent on him. Building movements is God’s work, and God loves to grow his people through the challenge of servant leadership. No KV is irreplaceable, and no movement is dependent on anyone KV. So Multiply! Find those Faithful, Available, Teachable, & Obedient disciples of Jesus who you can train to continue your work, and then move on to do the same again. In every sphere of influence in your life. To the end of your days!

Transition between Roles


What are Key Volunteers?


How do you transition?

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Power to Change has developed a range of resources for campus ministry. Some of these great resources can be found here. We work hard to make all our resources Transparent and Transferable. Transparent is about making things clear and starting with the understanding that we want this to be passed on to others. Transferable is about keeping the content simple so that anyone can grasp it and then teach it to others.

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