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What would it take to have an impact for God throughout your lifetime? We want to help you figure that out! In John 15, Jesus talks about producing fruit that remains. What is this type of “fruit” that Jesus is referring to? Spiritually fruitful people are fully surrendered to Christ and express love for Him over a lifetime by making disciples.

Here are 5 Things to help you think through your unique gifts and talents, how to involve yourself in meaningful community, and ways you can make God known wherever He may lead you.


Being a part of a Christian movement helps shape the vision you have for fulfilling the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37- 39) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). It also gives you a place to live out God’s purposes in your current context. Kingdom vision is seeing how you best fit into God’s big plan which then influences your decisions and choices now and in the years to come.



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Don’t go it alone. Without a compelling community, few people can persevere for long. Ecclesiastes 4 says, “It’s better to have a partner than go it alone. Share the work...and if one falls down, the other helps.” Join with others who are surrendered to Jesus and share a similar kingdom vision. Don’t just warm the seats at your gatherings: Live missionally with your friends. Gather people to pray, plan, encourage one another and live out that vision together.



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If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time. Unless you’re a trained chef or just incredibly gifted, most people don’t walk into a kitchen and whip up a gourmet meal without a recipe. In the same way, you need a plan with simple, doable steps that will help you begin to implement your God-given vision. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Plan with the end in mind. Having a plan is all about being intentional and taking steps toward your kingdom vision.



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Successful people are always growing and developing. Effective organizations are always adapting. Championship teams are always improving. Ongoing equipping is anything you need in order to help you live out your kingdom vision. This can include further education, skills, tools, training and resources. These things will help you in your journey of walking with God and serving Him for a lifetime.



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Scripture stresses the importance of gaining wisdom from others. (Prov. 16:16) We can never underestimate the blessing of another who has gone before us and learned a thing or two along the way. A coach is just that person: someone to answer your questions, help you and your team when you are stuck, and encourage you when the going gets tough.



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In Power to Change, our Kingdom Vision is building a spiritual movement on this campus so that every student here will know someone who truly follows Jesus. We are doing this by connecting students to Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to build movements, here on campus and wherever they go.

Does this line up with what you’d like to see on this campus, in your time as a student? If it does, then why not get involved. Power to Change can provide a team of other students who are also going after this vision, a plan on how to get there, ongoing equipping and a coach. So you can experience the 5 Things on campus, which means making an impact for God here but also means learning about what the 5 Things are for you beyond campus, after you graduate.



*Success Starts With Surrender

Most Christians don’t purposely walk away from God; rather we drift away. We miss the abundant life Jesus promised and simply settle for “good enough.” How? We choose to hold tightly to our wants and desires, our time and treasures. Unwilling to release it all to Christ, we hoard our lives and, as a result, lose it all.

Are you surrendered to Jesus Christ? Have you wrestled with God about your life and future? Are you willing to go where He wants you to go? Do what He wants you to do? Say what He wants you to say? And give what He wants you to give?

Applying these 5 Things to your life is definitely a process. But if you are surrendered to Christ and apply these things, you will have significant impact both now and in the years to come



So now you have an understanding of the 5 Things. What if you don’t have all the questions answered? What if you aren’t sure who you could team up with or how to get started?


Ask God to lead you to the “works He has already created for you to walk in” (Eph. 2:10). You can expect Him to guide you and to provide the things you need to live on mission for Him.


Find out what God is up to on this campus and how He can grow you and work through you to impact students around you.


Get involved! Grow, get training, share your faith, disciple others, experience missional community. Be part of a spiritual movement on this campus so that you can be a movement builder wherever you go, for the rest of your life!


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Power to Change has developed a range of resources for campus ministry. Some of these great resources can be found here. We work hard to make all our resources Transparent and Transferable. Transparent is about making things clear and starting with the understanding that we want this to be passed on to others. Transferable is about keeping the content simple so that anyone can grasp it and then teach it to others.

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