Have you thought about...

  • The Lordship of Christ?

"I urge you ... to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and please to God..." Romans 12:1

  • The Mandate of the Great Commission?

"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations ..." Matthew 28:18-19

  • The Challenge of Vocational Christian Service?

"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." Matthew 9:37,39

"Do not give yourself to that which others can and will do, but to that which others cannot or will not do" Jim Elliot.

You Can Make a Difference

The Needs in Australia

22% of Australians register as having no religious affiliation. Those claiming 'no religion' comprise the second largest block of religious beliefs in Australia. Correspondingly, over the past ten years the percentage of those identifying with a religion has declined by 4.5%. The 2009 Australian Survey of Social Attitudes indicated that of the 22% who express 'no religion', "one-third may be atheists, one-quarter agnostics, and about 40% of them feel there is something beyond, perhaps God, or perhaps some sort of higher power."  By far the majority of those who indicate they are Christians  do so because they believe in the values of Christianity and not a personal relationship with God through Jesus. Since 1971, the percentage of Australians following a religion other than Christianity has increased from less than 1% to 7% of the population.

Australia has undergone incredible change over the past fifteen years. Who is an Australian, what we believe and how we communicate have dramatically changed. People rely on experience and one another to determine truth. Jesus is the light and provides life.  Many changes in Australia have opened up incredible opportunities for the gospel.

The Need for Labourers

With the tremendous spiritual needs, Jesus' words carry much significance - "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few." We need labourers to help reach Australians. This is not only workers in the field but also labourers in our head office. At Headquarters, our major departments are Finance, Operations, Multimedia Communication, Member Services (similar to HR but includes Leadership Development) and a National Directors Office.

Who Is Power to Change?

Our Purpose

To help fulfil the Great Commission in Australia and beyond by connecting people to Jesus, building them, and sending them in the power of the Holy Spirit and helping the body of Christ do the same.


Our Mission

Connect, Build and Send Christ-centred disciplemakers who launch and lead spiritual movements.


Our Values

  • Bold Faith (we trust God for what only He can do)
  • Character Growth (we model our lives on Jesus)
  • Fruitfulness (we go after effectiveness)
  • Interdependent Community (we thrive together, not apart)

Our Results

We are aiming for and measuring spiritual movements. In Power to Change we describe a spiritual movement as God working through a team of like-hearted disciples to connect, build and send toward the fulfilment of the Great Commission. Over time, people in prayerful dependence on God’s grace will take action, resulting in the following four characteristics:

  • Connecting People to Jesus
  • Life-changing Discipleship
  • Multiplying Leaders (who mobilise and mentor others to lead)
  • Generating Self-sustaining Local Resource

Our Focus

Power to Change’s focus on fulfilling the Great Commission in Australia and beyond is influencing the up and coming generation of young people and younger adults. This emerging generation is available for community, willing to change, are the emerging leaders, are passionate and are dissatisfied with the status quo. These people are found in schools, at universities and into their early thirties. We also value partnering with others in this focus.

Our primary method for influencing this emerging generation is spiritual movements.Therefore, we focus on potential movement builders:

  • They continually engage in the connect-build-send process of becoming a movement builder.

  • They could be a seeker wanting to learn more about God (connect) or a pastor wanting to learn more about movement building (train/send).

  • They stay engaged with Power to Change while in the process of becoming a multiplying disciple.

  • They value making a contribution that counts and being part of a community that is changing current reality.

As we focus on potential movement builders, other important people include:

  • Ministry partners

  • Corporate donors

  • Authorities – parents, principals, government

  • Other permission givers.

Applying to Power to Change

The opportunity for involvement in full-time ministry is a great privilege. Although it is not for everyone, we believe that in view of the needs of the world and the love and mandate of Jesus  Christ, full-time ministry is a possibility all Christians should prayerfully consider. Our application process is designed to help you decide if Power to Change is where you would like to serve God.


The Application Process
When the application forms are completed, they are reviewed for a final decision. The process generally takes six weeks to three months from when you first request an application pack. Our missionary application process requires applicants to complete forms with details such as medical history, references and obtain police checks. An interview is held and then recommendation made for the approval by our National Leadership.
Life as a missionary involves being in a position of high visibility and spiritual leadership. This requires certain standards to be met.

Key Characteristics of a Missionary

The basic spiritual qualifications essential for every potential missionary are a heart for God and a teachable attitude. These two qualifications are essential to the following qualities in a missionary.
Spiritual Maturity. The applicant must have been a Christian for at least one year and be in full agreement with the Statement of Faith and with our ministry objectives. The applicant must have a basic knowledge of Scripture and demonstrate a concern for others. Willing to learn how to introduce others to Christ is essential. 
Personality and Character. The applicant must have leadership qualities and demonstrate an ability to relate well to a variety of people. The demands of ministry partner development and an initiative-oriented ministry necessitate emotional stability and maturity.
Availability for Training. In the first two years of service, missionaries are required to attend Core Missionary Training (two week-long intensives). Different strategies also may have other training requirements. 
Tenure. There are several types of roles available in the organisation. Some people join full-time and develop a team of Ministry Partners to provide financially for them. Usually these people are asked to make a minimum commitment of one year (STINT)or for three years. Part-time roles are also available depending on the location. Power to Change is open to a number of funding sources and so being self-funded or having part-time employment are possibilities. One key principle is stability. To be a vital member of a team needs consistency and availability and finances play a major part in a sustainable viable career.
Husbands and Wives. The nature of our ministry means that it is recommended that in some positions or strategies, both husband and wife be called to active involvement in the ministry as missionaries.

Leadership Development

In Power to Change we seek to provide a work environment that allows you to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. To this end, we provide extensive training and encouragement at all levels of the organisation. Some of this is done through reviews, feedback from peers and job descriptions (which include both personal and professional goals). Considerable energy is directed  towards helping new missionaries understand the organisation and develop competence so they can be effective wherever their ministry assignment.

Income and Benefits

It is the policy of Power to Change that missionaries develop a team of ministry partners to finance their involvement in the movement. This allows each investor to personalise their giving by investing in the ministry of an individual. The goal of our salary structure is to provide an income that will allow missionaries to sufficiently meet their needs or the needs of their families over the long term.

Every person accepted to join the organisation is appointed a Ministry Partner Development Coach. One of the first things they do is to help you work out your budget. Depending on location and stage of life, most singles raise above $3,500 per month and most married couples above $4,500 per month.


Your budget is the goal set for your Ministry Partner Development. Power to Change has no special fund for paying people. You must raise every dollar you expect to spend to live or do ministry. A standard budget includes

  • Housing cost (rent,mortgage repayments)
  • Salary (to cover food, clothes, entertainment, car expenses, savings, holiday etc)
  • Superannuation, Insurance
  • Ministry expenses (such as a computer, some of your car expenses, conferences)
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Buffer
  • Tax
  • 10% Power to Change administrative levy

Discovering Ministry Partners

If the average ministry partner gives somewhere between $50 and $100 per month, you will need to find 45 to 100 people to partner with you financially on a regular basis. This may seem really huge, yet this is where your MPD coach helps you. First you make a list of everyone you know. Then you begin to approach them using one of the strategies outlined in the Ministry Partner Development manual. In this approach you share the vision that God has given you for serving him. Some people really resonate with the vision and decide immediately to join your team. Others are less certain, or they are not in a position to give financially. We just keep initiating with people until we find the people who are ready. Your list may include people in your city, at church, people who have been involved with Power to Change, and family. It could include people all over Australia and internationally.

Developing a team of ministry partners can take from 3 to 12 months. It usually takes under 6 months but this is with hard work. You are not doing ministry during this time, because the effort to develop a team of ministry partners requires strong focus. While all of us are overjoyed when we reach our goal, Ministry Partner Development is a tremendous time. Lessons are often learnt about yourself, others and especially God.


Thanks for considering becoming a missionary with us! We'd love to chat to you about opportunities that might fit how God made you in the areas of Campus, Youth, Families, Global Aid or Church Movements

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